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Equality Objectives

Equality Objectives

Northumbria Police is one of the largest forces in the country and serves over 1.5 million people across a diverse region of 2000 square miles from the Scottish border down to County Durham and from the Pennines across to the North East coast. The people of Northumbria equally bring a tapestry of diversity reflected through all of the protected characteristics. This is continually changing and our objectives have been developed to ensure that we continue to recognise and respond to those changes.

Northumbria Police and the OPCC are committed to promoting equality and removing any risk of unlawful discrimination. This is delivered through the commitment of our Joint Equality Objectives. We have listened to our communities, workforce and partners to inform and tailor the objectives to make it relevant to policing in Northumbria. The strategic themes are broken into 3 key areas and align to the progress we have already made.

Our organisation

Transparency and scrutiny: We will become more reflective of the communities we serve, transparent in our approach and findings in order to make this a great place to work and deliver an outstanding service.

Developing our workforce: We will create an inclusive environment underpinned by the values and behaviours that run through the heart of the organisation, through shared learning, this will enable everyone to feel valued for being themselves to
develop their full potential.

Understanding our workforce: We will increase confidence in reporting of protected characteristics to better understand workforce needs. Our progress will be more reflective and understanding of our workforce.

Our communities

Understanding our communities: We will understand and continually develop the community partnership landscape to share local insights and develop collaborative approaches better to serve the communities in which we live and police.

Increasing confidence: We will develop existing relationships and continue to build new ones to increase our understanding of the issues impacting our local communities, and improve our attraction of new people to work with us.

Engagement: Through our deeper understanding of communities we will target engagement using a range of channels. Where we need to engage with local communities we will support and participate in events and build
relationships with groups who do not normally engage with us.

Our partners

Understanding the partnership landscape: We will strengthen our existing local authority partnerships and develop new partnerships within the third sectorto share insights to inform, identify and support the vulnerable.

Tackling disparity: We will understand and tackle the disparity across the region by working with our partners to find new ways to address this together.

Joint service delivery: We will work across the partner landscape to understand and develop effective services that inform and respond to local priorities across our communities.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We also have a duty to publish these equality objectives and information to demonstrate compliance with the Equality Act. Equality information is monitored on a daily basis to assist in the identification and elimination of gaps in the service provided to our communities and staff.

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and Northumbria Police will review these objectives annually.

A joint report has been produced to show the information collected and work undertaken to help develop and improve our services, including our plans for future development. (See links below).

Joint Diversity & Equality Annual Monitoring Report 2015

Joint Diversity & Equality Annual Monitoring Report 2016

Joint Diversity & Equality Annual Monitoring Report 2017

Joint Diversity & Equality Annual Monitoring Report 2018

Joint Diversity & Equality Annual monitoring Report 2019

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Annual Report 2020