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PCC.361.2018 – Whickham Substation Lease

PCC.360.2018 – Police Property Fund

PCC.359.2018 – General Waste Tender

PCC.358.2018 – Special Duty Charges

PCC.357.2018 – Operation Aileron

PCC.356.2018 – Record Management Solution Tender Outcome

PCC.355.2018 – Body Worn Video Tender Outcome

PCC.354.2018 – Governance Framework Review 2018

PCC.353.2018 – JIAC Terms of Reference and CIPFA Guidance

PCC.352.2018 – Late Night Levy

PCC.351.2018 – Capital Monitoring Quarter 2 2018’19

PCC.350.2018 – Revenue Monitoring Quarter 2 2018’19

PCC.349.2018 – Provision of Managed Service for Language Services

PCC.348.2018 – Premises Refurbishment

PCC.347.2018 – Provision of Forcewide Interview Facilities

PCC.346.2018 – Gateshead Civic Community Safety Team Occupancy Licence

PCC.345.2018 – Sale of Former Police Headquarters Site, Ponteland

PCC.344.2018 – Occupancy Licence Ponteland Car Park C

PCC.343.2018 – PC Degree Apprenticeships – Appointment of High Education Institiution Provider

PCC.342.2018 – North East Regional Sub-functional Collaboration Section 22a

PCC.341.2018 – Occupancy Licence MASH Sunderland Civic Centre

PCC.340.2018 – Lease Renewal Newcastle Airport Special Branch

PCC.339.2018 – Treasury Management Annual Report 17 18

PCCC.338.2018 – Access Control System Approval to Tender

PCC.337.2018 – Operation Aileron Allard Claims

PCC.336.2018 – Capital Monitoring Report Q1

PCC.335.2018 – Body Worn Video

PCC.334.2018 – Section 22a Dedicated Source Unit Key Decision

PCC.333.2018 – Approval of the Reserves Statement 2017 18

PCC.332.2018 – Revenue Monitoring Quarter 1 2018 19

PCC.331.2018 – Sale of Fairfield Houses

PCC.330.2018 – Sale of Prudhoe Police Station

PCC.329.2018 – Approval to tender – Waste collection services

PCC.328.2018 – Operation Aileron – Further four claims

PCC.327.2018 – Operation Aileron

PCC.326.2018 – ICT Refresh – Desktop & Laptop Procurement

PCC.325.2018 – Occupancy Licence – Newcastle MASH

PCC.324.2018 – Occupancy Licence – Gateshead MASH

PCC.323.2018 – Records Management Solution

PCC.322.2018 – Domestic Abuse Project Evaluation

PCC.321.2018 – S22a JBM – Modern Slavery Police Transformation

PCC.320.2018 – Approval of Dilapidations Liability Fees Crow Hall Road Cramlington

PCC.319.2018 – Annual Reserves Statement 2016-17

PCC.318.2018 – Approval for the Treasury Policy Statement and Treasury Strategy 2018’19 to 2021’22

PCC.317.2018 – Approval of the MTFS 2018-19 to 2021-22

PCC.316.2018 – Approval of the Budget 2018-19 and Council Tax Precept

PCC.315.2018 – Lease Renewal Re Office Space At The Hub, Washington

PCC.314.2018 – Section 22a Agreement National Policing Functions

PCC.313.2018 – Lease for Neighbourhood Team Office at Eldon Square, Newcastle

PCC.312.2018 – Approval to tender – Interview Facilities

PCC.311.2018 – National Police Chiefs Council Revised S.22 Agreement

PCC.310.2018 – Capital Monitoring Quarter 3 2017-18

PCC.309.2018 – Revenue Monitoring Quarter 3 2017-18