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Role of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC)

The role of Police and Crime Commissioner is to be the voice of the people and hold the police to account.

PCC’s aim to cut crime and deliver an effective and efficient police service within their force area.

They are elected by the public to hold Chief Constables and the force to account, effectively making the police answerable to the communities they serve.

They ensure community needs are met as effectively as possible, and are improving local relationships through building confidence and restoring trust. They work in partnership across a range of agencies at local and national level to ensure there is a unified approach to preventing and reducing crime.

Under the terms of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011, PCCs must:

  • secure an efficient and effective police for their area;
  • appoint the Chief Constable, hold them to account for running the force, and if necessary dismiss them;
  • set the police and crime objectives for their area through a police and crime plan;
  • set the force budget and determine the precept;
  • contribute to the national and international policing capabilities set out by the Home Secretary
  • bring together community safety and criminal justice partners, to make sure local priorities are joined up.

Our Northumbria

If you live in our region, you will know it has some wonderful places – such as Bamburgh Castle and the beautiful coastline, Mowbray Park in Sunderland and of course the heritage in our towns and cities.  No matter where you go in Northumbria – you will find officers serving our communities.

Northumbria has over 3300 Police Officers supported by 179 Police Community Support Offices, 1596 police staff and 216 Special Constables, so our region really is one of the safest places to live and work.  In a typical day Northumbria Police take over 3000 calls, handle over 600 emergency calls and take 154 sets of fingerprints.  So we really are serving local people day in day out.

Don’t forget, Northumbria Police is your police force, so if you have any ideas you want to share with us – let us know via our contact us section.

If you don’t live in the Northumbria force area – come and visit!