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Cutting Crime

Since 2012 Cutting Crime has been included as one of the Police and Crime Plan priorities. Some of the successes in cutting crime have been:

  • Engaging in partnership with Safe Newcastle to introduce the country’s first Late Night levy which raises additional income from premises selling alcohol in the city with this money being reinvested back into policing and street scene services.

  • Lobbying the government to make changes to legislation covering the provision of safe places for those detained under the mental health act.

  • Ensuring all reported crime is tackled, with particular focus given to those crimes that have the worst impact on people such as burglary dwelling and alcohol related violence.

  • Promoting and ensured integrity in crime recording by making sure that Northumbria Police conduct a weekly audit of incidents which do not result in a crime report.

  • Ensuring all repeat victims of crime are reviewed by Northumbria Police and where needed, harm reduction plans are put in place to reduce further harm.

  • Encouraging victims to report traditionally underreported crimes such as domestic abuse and sexual offences by engaging with hard to reach groups and identifying reporting barriers.

  • Strengthening crime recording by training Sergeants to ensure that they understand and scrutinise crime recording by their teams.

  • Lobbying the Home Secretary to bring about a ban of legal highs and for legislation to be passed to tackle those that sell such products.

  • Supporting the introduction of burglary suppression groups which are held throughout the force area, bringing together the police, Probation and Crown Prosecution Service to devise and deploy tactics to disrupt prolific burglars.

  • Supporting SafetyWorks! To provide an innovative multi-agency safety centre founded by strong collaborative working between partners.

  • Supporting veterans by working with Northumbria Police and Walking with the Wounded providing support for veterans that are brought into police custody.

  • Bringing together Victims First Northumbria and Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company to develop and deliver a model for Restorative Justice.

  • Securing funding to provide programmes across Northumbria for serial perpetrators of Domestic Violence.

Much of the successes in Cutting Crime in Northumbria has been down to working in partnership with local authorities, groups, individuals and organisations. Further information regarding this work can be found by accessing the links below:

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Cutting Crime in Northumbria

Violent crime, hate crime and house burglary are crimes which can have a profound personal impact. In the more remote communities in Northumberland, specific rural crimes can affect livelihoods and people are concerned that the police are not as visible as they wish. Alcohol and drug misuse feature in a high percentage of crimes. There has been real concern recently about what were called ‘legal highs’. We have collaborated successfully with health partners on these issues.

Additionally we are pleased with the introduction of a ‘street triage’ team so that police can get health-based support quickly for people presenting with a mental health crisis. There is a ‘Safe Haven’ in Newcastle City Centre, on Friday and Saturday evenings where police and ambulance services try to keep the night-time economy safe, working with our fantastic Street Pastors. All have pub and club door staff and key workers that have been trained in safeguarding and our approach on this has been taken up and made mandatory by the Security Industry Authority.

We are proud of our work to try to divert military veterans, both male and female, who come into custody to help them to re-integrate into civil society.


Commitment to Cutting Crime

  • Enhance the investigation of hate crime and the police response to it by working closely with diverse groups to understand victim needs and build confidence in the community to report incidents.

  • Raise awareness of cybercrime and fraud and enhance our investigation of these cases.

  • Tackle exploitation of all types including labour, sexual and benefit exploitation whilst raising public and police awareness and understanding of these newly emerging issues of modern slavery.

  • Effective road policing leading to improved road safety with an additional focus on challenges in rural areas and a commitment to zero tolerance of alcohol and mobile telephone use at the wheel.

  • Understand changing crime demand so the police can respond and resource appropriately to tackle crime effectively.

  • Work with partners to reduce the harm caused by alcohol and all types of drugs by supporting ‘Community impact areas’ and continuing to develop our approach to ensuring a safe night-time economy.

What outcomes I want to see in Cutting Crime

  • Improved police and partnership response to specific crimes.

  • Specific intervention and response to alcohol related crime and disorder.

  • Safer night-time economy.

  • Fewer offenders, specifically those who cause the most harm to victims.

  • Cut drug use and the crime that is a consequence.