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Violence Reduction Unit (VRU)

The purpose of the VRU is to improve lives to prevent crime. Key to that will be a public health approach that brings the region together in a series of early interventions. We believe violence exists in our society like a disease, spreading rapidly if left untreated. By using a public health approach we are able to better understand the causes of violent crime and work more effectively to stop its transmission.  We are seeking to intervene through education and policy changes before a violent lifestyle becomes the dominant factor in an individual’s life.


The VRU will achieve that aim by working with others to stop violence before it starts, halt the progression of violence and provide ways out for people already trapped in violent behaviour.


Northumbria VRU will ensure frontline staff are in place to help prevent violence, ensuring training and resources are available to support those seeking to improve lives.  We are seeking to strengthen communities to resist violent crime, using local intelligence to interrupt the transmission of violence by analysing where it may occur and intervening with those at higher risk.

Since our inception, over 40 organisations across the Northumbria area have been awarded a share of over £2,000,000 as part of joint efforts to reduce violent crime.  This will provide much needed investment in vital youth and community services.

Details for all funded interventions can be found on the VRU Interventions Fund page. For more information on how we are Improving Lives to Prevent Crime, please read our Response Strategy.

For any VRU related queries, please contact or call the office on 0191 221 9800.