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Key Stage 1 & 2

Key Stage 1


Developing a child’s understanding of what constitutes a healthy friendship and an unhealthy friendship in a range of contexts will help them:

  • recognise their own behaviours and effect change
  • be empowered to say if someone is being unfriendly towards them
  • start to support/challenge each other to make better behaviour choices


Children who find friendships difficult are able to engage with their peers and learn how to make the changes necessary to enjoy successful friendships. Through child-led talk and play activities they share their opinions and begin to learn from other pupils’ viewpoints, developing a respect for other people’s beliefs. They improve their understanding of acceptable and unacceptable behaviours (including physical contact) and gain self-awareness in terms of responding to challenging behaviour in others.

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Key Stage 2


Equipping children to identify what constitutes a balanced relationship versus a harmful one will enable them to form healthy friendships.  It will also improve the child’s ability to empathise with those who make harmful behaviour choices and enable them to support those making harmful decisions to change through peer support and access to adult help. Children who find friendships difficult are able to hear what their peers require and how to make changes to enjoy successful friendships. Children are able to see how these relationships extend beyond school into the community and home. Activities have been tailored to young children’s thoughts and needs to develop their listening skills and ability to interact respectfully with others.  The sessions also include activities designed to develop resilience by giving children a platform to challenge views and behaviours they think are wrong.  KS2 students will explore types of discrimination including bullying and prejudiced behaviour.  Sessions will also focus on the various channels children can use to seek help for themselves and others.

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