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News August 2018

Northumbria PCC’s response to the Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC) Inquiry on the progress made by the Serious Violence Strategy (SVS) 29th August 2018

Overview: In this consultation response, information was provided on the progress made by Northumbria Police on tackling serious violence, as well as the PCC’s views to whether or not the Serious Violence Strategy has been effective and the PCC’s...

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Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner welcomes consultation regarding sanitary products in custody 21st August 2018

Dame Vera Baird QC, Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria welcomes a much needed proposed change in legislation, launched today (August 21), that will require police forces to deliver appropriate care to menstruating detainees in custody. Back in January...

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Northumbria PCC’s Evaluation of the Prison Reform Trust’s Transforming Lives Programme 8th August 2018

The PCC provides views and recommendations on female offending and the Transforming Lives Programme, and the involvement that Northumbria have in the programme. The Transforming Lives Programme aims to improve the experience women offenders have with the UK justice...

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Northumbria Police Crime Commissioner welcomes reductions in rural crime costs as new figures released 8th August 2018

A national report released on Monday, August 6, revealed residents in Northumbria are at the lowest risk of rural crime in the entire country. Figures published by rural insurer NFU Mutual show that there has been a 6.5 per...

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Specialist Domestic Violence Courts should do more to stop defendants ‘gaming the system’ 5th August 2018

Specialist Domestic Violence Courts should do more to stop defendants ‘gaming the system’, improve the courts understanding of coercive control and need Independent Domestic Abuse Advocates at every stage to help complainants and victims A new report from Northumbria...

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Police and the PCC back World Human Trafficking Day 1st August 2018

Everyone has a part to play to help stop human trafficking and modern day slavery – and need to be aware it is happening in our region. That’s the message from senior figures in the police as organisations around...

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