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Ban on so-called ‘Zombie’ knives backed by PCC Vera Baird QC

16th August 2016

Northumbria Police is warning those caught in possession of a  zombie knife will be dealt with robustly by police after a new ban which will come into effect this week.

While the force doesn’t have a serious issue with zombie knives, it fully supports the ban and warns that glamourising any sort of violence will not be tolerated in Northumbria.

Detective Supt Christina Barrett has given a stark warning to anyone who is seen in possession of such a weapon, will not be taken lightly and could face serious consequences.

Detective Supt Christina Barrett said: “These knives are truly horrific and we absolutely support the ban of them, which will come into effect this week.

“Anyone who carries such a knife has an intention of using it and would undoubtedly cause significant injury.

There is no place for weapons in Northumbria and certainly not one that in anyway promotes or glamorises violence.

“We don’t suffer from a vast knife crime or gang culture here in Northumbria but we are always mindful that these things can escalate if we don’t intervene and take preventative measures at an early stage.

“Anyone seen in possession of such a weapon will be dealt with robustly by police.”

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Vera Baird, said: “Fortunately we don’t have a knife culture here in Northumbria but we absolutely recognise the importance of doing all we can to keep knife crime to a minimum and are committed to reducing harm that could be caused by these and other dangerous weapons.

“These so-called ‘Zombie’ knives have no practical purpose so no sensible person should wish to have one, nor sell one for that matter.

“In the wrong hands any knife can be a deadly weapon and I am in full support of this ban – it’s a step towards preventing a lethal object from getting into the wrong hands, and keeping the people of Northumbria that bit safer.”