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Charity Helping the Blind and Visually Impaired Given Cash Boost by Commissioner

18th August 2015

A Newcastle charity helping those who are blind and partially sighted has been given extra money to carry out their vital work courtesy of Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird’s Supporting Victims Fund.

The fund was made available by Commissioner Baird to local groups who give support to victims to help them cope and recover from their experience of crime.

Newcastle Society for Blind People (NSBP) has benefitted from over £5,000 from the fund following a successful application.

The money will be used to help the charity’s safeguarding project which supports visually impaired adults across the city who are victims of abuse and disability hate crime.

The project, which has been running for the past nine years and funded by various organisations, also offers ongoing support to victims helping to prevent further cases of abuse and crimes against them.

Through a safeguarding officer, the project is supporting around 25 new cases a year and mentoring 15 people who are at risk of being abused again.

Cases of abuse and hate crime are discovered through working with clients going to the charity’s various social and leisure groups, plus classes for the visually impaired. People can also learn more about the project through NSBP’s accessible newsletters allowing more people to ask for help and support from the safeguarding service.

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird said: “NSBP is a long running charity helping countless numbers of people since it originated in 1867.

“It like so many other organisations of its kind relies on public donations but also funding from other organisations to be able to carry out its vital work within the community.

“This charity works with people who are most vulnerable and who may feel fearful to reach out for the help they need if they have been a victim of disability hate crime.

“But through the charity’s safeguarding project and staff and volunteers working with service users generally, potential victims can be identified and given support from the outset. This includes one to one emotional help, plus support through any subsequent criminal proceedings which their case may result in.

“I know this project is well experienced in tackling disability hate crime and I was delighted to approve their funding request so that this work can continue.”

NSBP Chief Executive Officer, Marjorie Prince, said: “NSBP are delighted to have received this much needed funding from the Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner’s Supporting Victims Fund to support blind and visually impaired people in Newcastle who may be at risk from abuse or crime.

“This money will enable us to continue to raise awareness of abuse to those at risk through training, events, newsletters and social media, as well as supporting those people who are at risk for as long as required.”

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