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Children’s Charity Given Cash Boost by Commissioner

21st August 2015

A leading children’s charity helping to break the cycle of abuse and violence experienced by women and their children has been awarded funding from Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird.

The fund was made available by Commissioner Baird to local groups who give support to victims to help them cope and recover from their experience of crime.

Barnardo’s, Newcastle, has been awarded £39,000 from the fund following a successful application.

The funding will help to launch a new volunteer-led project which will complement Barnardo’s existing work. The project will provide a range of support and learning opportunities for women affected by domestic abuse helping them to live safer and more fulfilling lives for themselves and their children.

It is estimated over 30 women, aged between 20 and 40, and children of all ages will benefit from the project.

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird said: “Barnardo’s is well known and recognised for its work on a local and national level to help transform the lives of children.

“As with many other organisations Barnardo’s relies on both public donations and funding from other organisations to be able to continue its vital work within the community.

“I welcome the launch of this project and the support it will offer women to break the cycle of domestic abuse and the terrible legacy it can leave for families.

“Through education and awareness, this project will protect victims, give them the support they need and ensure domestic abuse is tackled.”

Steve Oversby, Director of Barnardo’s East, said: “Children and young people have often been referred to as the hidden or forgotten victims of domestic violence.

“We know that over 130,000 children live in households with high risk domestic abuse and Barnardo’s knows of many children whose emotional and behavioural development have been severely damaged by domestic violence. It is also clear that children are not deceived by closed doors.

“This is why we are delighted to have been awarded this funding by the Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner and we welcome the support we can give to both victims and children caught up in the terrible crime of domestic violence.”