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Commissioner Agrees Relocation of Amble Officers

21st May 2015

Neighbourhood officers in Amble are set to move to a new base which will see them remain in the heart of the community they serve.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team will relocate from Amble police station to an office in the Fourways 2 building, at 6 Dilston Terrace, in the main Amble shopping area later this summer.

Earlier this month, people from the community were asked to complete comments cards on the move when information outlining the proposal was displayed in the town.

Amble police station is an old building which is expensive to maintain. The new base is within a modern office building and will give the force better value for money with lower running costs.

Fourways 2 includes a front office facility for the public to visit and will help make officers more accessible and put them closer to the main public areas in the town. The current station opening hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, will continue at the new premises.

Commissioner Baird said: “This decision was taken after considering all the comments made by local residents. It was incredibly important that people were given the opportunity to put forward their views on the move and that I took them all on board before reaching a decision on this relocation.

“I was incredibly pleased to see that the majority of comments supported the move as people clearly acknowledge it bases officers further into the community.

“There will also be no change in the opening times for members of the public and the new office has full disabled access.

“One of our priorities in making this move was to make officers more accessible and visible in the communities they serve. I am confident this location will deliver this as officers as will be based near to the main shopping area on Queen Street making it easy for people to call in and speak to them.”

Amble police station will be put up for sale following the relocation with proceeds from it put back into policing.

Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Truscott said: “Our team are looking forward to the move which will put us closer to the centre of our community. Our officers will ensure that Amble residents continue to receive the best policing service from their neighbourhood team.”

To contact the Neighbourhood Policing Team call 101, extension 69191, or visit the Northumbria Police website,