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Commissioner Attends Special Conference to Launch the UK’s First Census of Women Killed by Men

13th February 2015

Vera Baird, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria, attended a special conference in London launching the UK’s first census of women killed by men.

The Femicide Census Conference brought together experts on fatal male violence towards women. It is aimed at supporting the ongoing development of the census, which currently provides data on femicides committed in England since 2009.

The groundbreaking project will help collect important data on the issue and therefore tio reduce the number of women killed.

Mrs Baird commented:

“The conference is being held to launch “Femicide Census: Profiles of Women Killed by Men.”

“Femicide is distinct from homicide becausde it involves men killing women because of their gender.

It is closely related to the unacceptable sexual violence used to control and punish the emotions and behaviouir of women.

“I’m showing my support by attending and speaking because I believe it is a very important initiative.”