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Commissioner Baird Comments on New Guidance Received in relation to Crime Recording

3rd April 2018

This month, the Home Office released new rules for the way in which crime is recorded.

The updates include a new rule that stalking and harassment should be recorded in all cases, regardless of other, or more serious crime having occurred. It has also become mandatory for police forces to flag repeat domestic abuse incidents.

Commissioner Vera Baird has responded to the announcement:

“I welcome the new guidance that police forces must record repeat domestic abuse, and should list stalking and harassment whenever they occur, irrespective of whether other offences are committed at the same time.

“Northumbria Police has, for some time, been recording repeat domestic abuse and the figures caused me put in a funding bid to the Home office for a scheme to deal effectively with serial perpetrators. This scheme, called MATAC, has now been working for two years and has reduced by 60% domestic abuse and other offending by the group it has taken on. This shows just how important accurate crime recording can be.”

Stalking and harassment should always be recorded and that needs to be done separately since they are different offences. Northumbria Police is now doing that and clearly should be recording other offences if they occur. This new guidance will emphasise these important points and are very welcome.”