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Commissioner Baird Welcomes Decision to Re Examine Domestic Abuse Figures

16th April 2014

Police and Crime Commissioner welcomes decision to re-examine domestic abuse figures

Northumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner has welcomed a Government decision to look again at domestic abuse figures.

Crime Prevention Minister Norman Baker made the announcement after Vera Baird QC raised concerns that the figures could be misleading.

Norman Baker MP told Parliament on Friday that Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird had raised the issue with him and he wanted to be sure the figures for men and women who suffer domestic violence and abuse compare like with like. He said ‘female victims of domestic violence are, overwhelmingly, those in a relationship with a man who commits domestic violence or abuse against them’.

Vera Baird said: “I believe the figure that one in six men are victims of domestic violence and abuse is being misunderstood, because the figures do not specify the amount of gendered violence and abuse.

“It is important to understand that the vast majority of domestic violence and abuse against men is not gendered violence at all, but is inflicted by other males, for instance fathers on sons, brothers on fathers, or single sex partners on each other.”

“I am delighted that Norman Baker has taken note of my concerns and has now commissioned further analysis of these figures.

“Any form of domestic violence is unacceptable, whether against men or women, and there is no place for it in any community.”

Last December Vera Baird, together with fellow north east Police and Crime Commissioners Barry Coppinger, from Cleveland, and Durham’s Ron Hogg, launched the ‘Violence Against Women and Girls strategy’.

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