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Commissioner Welcomes Survey Looking at Rural Crime

20th May 2015

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird has welcomed a survey looking at crime in rural communities in England and Wales.

The survey, being led by the Rural Crime Network and supported by Northumbria’s Police & Crime Commissioner Vera Baird, launched today and looks at a number of areas including financial, safety and security.

Those answering the questions can stay anonymous but will be asked to input their postcode to ensure responses are being given from those living in rural areas and to classify the type of rural area.

The questions ask people if they’ve been a victim of crime. They also ask about how people are affected by anti-social behaviour and whether they feel the community pulls together to improve their neighbourhood.

A section of the survey focuses on policing and whether people feel their local officers can be relied on, that they are dealing with things that matter to the community and how they should be rated in dealing with issues such as crime prevention and reduction, solving crime when it happens and doing their overall job.

People have until June 24 to complete the survey which is available online.

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird is a member of the National Rural Crime Network and is committed to tackling this crime type.

She said: “Rural crime is very much a priority for me. Northumbria has large rural areas and I fully understand the impact this crime has on the communities within them.

“Those affected by this crime can suffer personal and financial loss if their home is broken into or if their business is targeted, a person’s livelihood can be put at risk with essential equipment to earn a living often stolen.

“I welcome this survey which will look at both of these aspects and I await the findings of it with interest.

“We know criminals can take advantage of rural areas and people living in these communities have my commitment that Northumbria Police will continue to work with partners to reduce crime and support these more remote neighbourhoods.”

To complete the survey visit

Rural crime prevention advice is available from the Northumbria Police website at


For more information on the NRCN visit