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Commissioners Launch Strategy to Tackle Alcohol Misuse

19th November 2014

Police and Crime Commissioners from across the country have marked Alcohol Awareness Week by launching a national plan to tackle alcohol misuse.

The plan was launched at today’s APCC Partnership Summit, which brings together Police and Crime Commissioners from across the country to discuss the ways in which they can drive an effective and efficient response to the challenges facing policing today.

With the annual cost to society of alcohol-related crime in England estimated at £11bn, Police and Crime Commissioners are undertaking increasing work to tackle misuse of alcohol. The Strategy looks at ways in which commissioners can work both collectively at a national level and locally with their chief constables to reduce the harm and cost to society of alcohol-related crime by changing attitudes, deterring offenders and tackling irresponsible supply.   Commissioners are keen to work with partners such as local authorities, the third sector, Public Health England and businesses to tackle shared issues.

Tony Hogg, Devon and Cornwall PCC and Chair of the APCC’s Alcohol Work Group said: “Commissioners are already doing considerable work in their local areas to reduce alcohol related crime and misuse.  This group will now provide us with a powerful collective voice nationally to influence change and make a real difference. The cost of alcohol misuse to our society is enormous, and we simply cannot allow this to continue.”

Martyn Underhill, Dorset PCC and Chair of the APCC’s Working in Partnership to Reduce Crime Standing Group, to which the Alcohol Working Group reports, said: “Police and Crime Commissioners have a huge role to play, both locally and nationally in lobbying and challenging Government, partners and the industry to drive cultural change, improve legislation and improve health outcomes in relation to alcohol.”

All signatory PCCs of the Plan agree to work together as a cross party group to champion and drive forward action on alcohol related crime:

  • Campaigning nationally and locally for improvements to the legislative framework
  • Raising awareness and educating drinkers to drive cultural change and reduce levels of harmful behaviour
  • Working in partnership with policing, health, third sector and industry partners to deliver a joined up and effective response
  • Helping to build the evidence base on alcohol related crime and harm