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Commissioner’s Response – HMIC Crime Inspection Force Reports

27th August 2015

I refer to the HMIC report on their inspection of ‘Crime’ in Northumbria published in September 2014.  This report gets to the heart of policing and provides me, as Police and Crime Commissioner, with reassurance that Northumbria Police are delivering against the priorities that local people expect them to, and also those I identified as priorities in my police and crime plan; prevention of crime and reducing reoffending, ensuring vulnerable victims are protected and tackling anti-social behaviour.

I was especially pleased to see that the work of Northumbria Police in dealing with Anti-social behaviour assessed as ‘outstanding’ recognising the very strong commitment to neighbourhood policing.

Two recommendations made in the report are in respect of increasing engagement with partners regarding the operating model of the integrated offender management scheme and the need for the force to review and evaluate the benefits from both current tactics and new crime fighting and anti-social behaviour initiatives to do more to learn from best practice in what works in crime fighting and crime prevention.   I will monitor progress against these two recommendations through my accountability structures.

National Report – An HMIC Crime Inspection Force Reports