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Commissioner’s Response – HMIC Inspection of Crime Data Integrity

27th August 2015

I refer to the HMIC report on their inspection of ‘Crime Data Integrity in Northumbria published in September 2014.

There are a number of recommendations to improve crime data integrity within Northumbria police and an action plan will be developed to ensure that these recommendations are implemented.  This will include training sessions for all supervisors to improve crime recording accuracy and data integrity and improvements to the audit methodology currently employed to enable auditors to listen to calls and track the recording to finalisation to ensure accuracy.

Following the initial debrief received by myself and the Chief Constable which highlighted the high no crime rate in respect of reported rapes I am working closely with the Chief Constable to understand the reasons for the no crime rates.  This work include a special investigation team led by an experienced Chief Superintendent that will look at historic ‘no crime;’ cases since October 2011.    The review will identify any cases that on reopening require further investigation will be reopened as crimes and each case will be reinvestigated by the review team.  This will include contacting the victims in these identified cases and the force priority is to support victims through this process.

I will monitor Northumbria Police to ensure that these recommendations are implemented through my attendance at the Strategic Management board and in respect of the rape no crimes I will liaise closely with the Chief constable on the progress of this work.

National Report – HMIC Inspection into Crime Data Integrity