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Commissioner’s Response to Reforming the Independent Police Complaints Commission: structure and governance – a public consultation

28th January 2016

Vera Baird QC response to the public IPCC Governance consultation  – January 2016.

Question 1

Do you agree with the government’s proposed package of measures, as summarised in the report, to reform the IPCC’s governance structure?

Agree             Disagree           Don’t know

Agree as the current Commission model is not sustainable – the proposed package of measures will provide clear lines of accountability and decision making which are essential to ensuring that the expanded IPCC can deliver more high quality investigations)


Question 2

Specifically, do you agree that there should be a single line for decision-making and accountability within the reformed IPCC rather than the current ‘dual’ structure?

Agree            Disagree            Don’t know

Agree as the single line of decision making and accountability will be more effective than the current ‘dual’ structure)


Question 3

Do you agree that the IPCC’s decision-making should be completely independent of the government, but that the Home Office should retain oversight of the IPCC’s administration and financial arrangements?

Agree           Disagree             Don’t know

Agree that the IPCC should remain accountable to the Home Office which is better placed to provide day-to-day sponsor relationship.


Question 4

Do you think the reformed IPCC should have the flexibility to decide for itself how it operates at regional level?

Yes, the IPCC should have discretion and flexibility       No, it should be a requirement      Don’t know The IPCC should have discretion and flexibility as this will enable it to adapt its functions to play a role in regional or local engagement with individual police forces, PCCs, community groups and families.


Question 5

Should there be some restriction on people with a policing background taking up posts as Senior Management employees of the IPCC?

Yes               No                Don’t know

Whilst recognising the need to provide a clear signal of the IPCC’s independence, there are advantages to people with a policing background taking up posts as Senior Management employees as they will have a sound knowledge of policing


Question 6

  1. Do you agree with the suggested name ‘Independent Police Conduct Authority’ as a title for the reformed IPCC?

Agree               Disagree               Don’t know

  1. What alternative suggestion would you make?


Other comments


Question 7

Do you have any other comments in response to the above questions, or on other matters in relation to this public consultation, or about the IPCC and the way it is structured and organised?