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Kim McGuinness seeks farmers’ insights to battle rural crime

24th November 2020

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Kim McGuinness, is reaching out to local farmers inviting them to take part in a survey on fighting crime and preventing crime, to ensure the views of the region’s rural communities are used to help shape future policing plans.

Kim wants to make sure valuable insight from Northumberland residents is captured and all feedback will inform a new Police and Crime Plan outlining what the force should focus on to ensure Northumbria stays one of the safest regions in the country.

Northumbria Police serves a wide range of areas, all with unique challenges and rural crime is known to have a devastating effect on rural communities – its people and its businesses too.

Farm equipment, livestock thefts and sheep worrying are all typical crimes known to impact those living in rural areas but Kim wants to make sure issues like domestic abuse and violence aren’t hidden crimes that get forgotten in the remote parts of our region too.

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Kim McGuinness, said: “I want to get a lot out of this survey and the more insight, knowledge and opinion from our farmers and rural residents the better. Their opinions need to be heard – this survey is for you, I’m listening.

“Crime is crime, no matter where it takes place. Rural, urban – we need to fight it and prevent it happening in all corners of the region. Sheep, quad bikes, tools – if opportunists see an opening and it isn’t nailed down, they’ll take it so we need to work together to step up security efforts and make things difficult for them. We also need to look at the root causes, what is driving people to steal and how can we prevent that being the case. Any insight on this is valuable to me.”

Kim added: “This is not only an opportunity to really get a handle on the types of crimes farmers are experiencing but crucially how they feel about the policing response. I also know that a lot of rural crime goes unreported – talk to me about why this is the case and what we can do about it.”

“Thankfully we live in one of the safest areas in the country and I’m proud of our police force, but of course there are things we can do better. This consultation will allow us to say what needs improving and what we need to see more of. I want to hear the good, the bad, and I welcome new ideas too, it will all help our work to fight crime, prevent crime and improve lives in our region.”

Councillor Glen Sanderson, Leader of Northumberland County Council, said: “As a farmer myself I know the issues faced by those of us living and working in rural and sometimes very isolated areas.

“While crime levels may not be high it’s important everyone feels safe in their local community and know police are on hand if needed.

“The views of farmers are important in helping shape the future of policing in our county and beyond and I hope people can spend a few minutes taking part in this survey.”

People can respond to the survey online by visiting The consultation closes on Friday 4 December.