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Latest Procurement Figures Shows Northumbria Delivering Value For Money

23rd August 2016

The Government will tomorrow publish the second set of procurement data provided by forces across England and Wales of the 18 commonly procured items by police forces.  The items include the cost of examining a mobile phone, DNA test, one day car hire, purchasing a ream of 500 sheets of A4 paper, gas supply to Force Headquarters, purchasing a desktop computer and telephone charges to name but a few.

Throughout the survey Northumbria Police force continues to deliver value for money.

Product Average price Northumbria Price  
Toxicology Test £32.38 £29.90
DNA Test £18.50 £17.00
One day car hire £22.31 £18.00
Ream of A4 paper £1.98 £1.93
Gas supply to Force HQ £0.0381 £0.0211
Desktop computers £833.50 £434.33
Telephone charges £0.3373 £0.0062


Vera Baird said “The Chief Constable and I are determined to make savings in every area of policing to allow us to re-invest all savings back in to our force.  I am pleased that the government’s research shows that Northumbria police force continues to strive for the best value possible.  These figures show that Northumbria police force is doing a good job, but we are committed to achieving even further savings, providing sound value for money”.

Of the 18 areas, Northumbria Police force spend under the average in 16 categories.  The other two areas are slightly over the national spend

A full breakdown of all figures can be found on the website.