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Male Victims of Domestic Violence Supported by Commissioner Funding

21st August 2015

More male victims of domestic abuse will receive help and support following funding from Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird.

Commissioner Baird has awarded £2,000 to Community Counselling Cooperative from her Supporting Victims Fund – a fund set up and made available to organisations that have the aim of helping victims cope and recover from their experience of crime.

The not for profit organisation understands there’s a need for therapeutic support for male victims of domestic abuse. With this in mind, it wants to provide further support by seeing more male victims both for one to one therapeutic work as well as peer support groups.

Community Counselling Cooperative also wants to increase awareness that men can also be victims of domestic abuse and that they too require support and advice which isn’t readily available in the area.

The work carried out by the group so far has found male victims who have been physically beaten and financially abused as well as emotionally and psychologically targeted.

It aims to provide emotional and psychological support to victims and information to give them options and choices; support victims through the criminal justice system and ensure they have an exit strategy at the end of the project.

They hope to provide support to as many male victims in the area as possible using a team of trained and qualified therapists.

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird said: “There’s lots of help and support out there for female victims of domestic abuse but it has to be acknowledged that there is far less provision for male victims.

“Because of this, it may be assumed there isn’t a need for this service for men, however this isn’t the case.

“It’s so important that people understand that men can be victims of domestic abuse and do need help and support. Many men may suffer in silence thinking they won’t be believed or fearful of breaking the cycle of abuse and leaving a relationship for reasons such as not seeing their children again.

“That’s why it’s essential we have groups like Community Counselling Cooperative who, in one year, aim to give 15 men access to one to one counselling and 20 men to be part of one or two peer support groups.

“I hope the funding I’ve given the group will help them in this aim.”

Simon Campbell, Director of Community Counselling Cooperative, said: “The Male Survivors of Domestic Abuse project is very pleased with the support that Vera Baird has given us.

“Financially this enables us to really map out the extent of the problem in the region  – as well as provide the therapeutic support to reduce the distress that this abuse causes.

“Moreover by backing our project the Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner is making a big, bold statement: Domestic abuse is a serious issue and can affect anyone at anytime.”


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