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May’s lack of vision creates a weak Queen’s Speech

21st June 2017

The Prime Minister has pledged to work with “humility and resolve’ to make our country stronger, fairer, safer and more united.

The content of the Queen’s Speech however shows a government of chaos that has had to fiddle the legislation to create a two year parliamentary session due the Prime Minister’s weak authority in Parliament and the country.

Dame Vera Baird QC, Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria said: “This Queens Speech is a mish mash of limited policy initiatives and no substantive proposals to address the problems of rising crime, or of a fair police funding settlement that allows police officers to do their job. Whilst dealing with Brexit is important, the Prime Minister needs to give direction and clarity in how she is going to tackle other issues that matter to local residents in Northumbria.”

The Queen’s Speech has announced a draft domestic violence and abuse bill, which will include giving the justice system greater guidance and clarity on the affects of domestic abuse and the creation of a Domestic Violence and Abuse Commissioner. Dame Vera said “Whilst I welcome any initiative that will support victims of domestic violence and abuse, I can’t help but feel the Queen’s Speech in this area is very light and needs proper thought with a long term strategy to ensure proposals are effective and ensure victims remain at the heart of delivering real change.”

Dame Vera will be writing to the Prime Minister to encourage her to deliver a draft bill that supports victims of domestic abuse, rather than the current proposals which are very light and appear to  offer limited change.

Dame Vera added: “The Prime Minister has to get this right and I, along with others stand ready to help shape the draft domestic violence and abuse bill to ensure the bill is fit for purpose.”

The Queen’s Speech will be debated in Parliament and will be voted upon by Members of Parliament.

Dame Vera said: “Now the Prime Minister has lost her majority in the House of Commons, she is responding with ‘humility and resolve’ – if she had shown some of these sentiments during her time as Home Secretary we would have a fair funding deal for Northumbria Police and better morale amongst our hard working police officers and staff.  I hope this new found humility and resolve will extend to all government departments and not just in Mrs May’s hope that the DUP will support her Queen’s Speech in Parliament.”