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Police & Crime Commissioners are regularly asked to provide comment to various government proposals and legislation. The OPCC regularly ask local residents to comment on proposals. See the consultations and responses here.

Northumbria PCC’s Evaluation of the Prison Reform Trust’s Transforming Lives Programme 8th August 2018

The PCC provides views and recommendations on female offending and the Transforming Lives Programme, and the involvement that Northumbria have in the programme. The Transforming Lives Programme aims to improve the experience women offenders have with the UK justice...

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House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Voyeurism (Offences) (No 2) Bill: Request for Written Evidence 12th July 2018

Overview: The Public Bill Committee released a call for evidence on the Voyeurism (Offences) (No. 2) Bill, which it was to consider in July 2018. The evidence was to inform the decisions of the Committee on the proposed format and...

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Home Affairs Committee Inquiry into Domestic Abuse 5th July 2018

Overview: In advance of the Government’s promised draft Bill on domestic violence and abuse, the Home Affairs Committee sought evidence on what measures and reforms are needed to address these damaging and prevalent crimes. To read the full consultation response...

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HMCTS & MoJ Consultation: Fit for the future: Transforming the Court and Tribunal Estate 29th March 2018

Overview: The PCC’s response aims to assist the HMCTS in finalising their future strategy and approach to court and tribunal estate reform in England and Wales. Summary: The PCCs response to this consultation raised a number of issues including: The impact...

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Justice Committee inquiry into the disclosure of evidence in criminal cases 23rd March 2018

Overview: This inquiry aimed to investigate disclosure procedures fully to ensure they are fit for purpose and that the steps proposed to address existing issues are sufficient to resolve them. The Committee’s findings will feed into the Attorney General’s ongoing review. Summary: The...

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