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Northumbria PCC’s response to the Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC) inquiry Policing for the future: changing demands and new challenges

2nd October 2017

Overview: The PCC responds to the HASC inquiry on modern policing, which aims to explore new crime challenges and evolving demands, and also whether police forces in England and Wales are sufficiently equipped and resourced to respond to these challenges and demands.


Crime has changed in the 21st century and is continuing to change, with a shift to more crimes being committed online and the increase in hidden crimes, such as human trafficking. Having new demands but also funding cuts creates challenges for police forces across the UK. Northumbria’s PCC suggests that the following key points would help to meet changing policing demands and new crimes challenges:

  • A multi-agency approach – collaboration with the public and private sector, including local authorities, health care services, the fire service, universities and industry experts
  • Technology improvements – up to date technology across police forces to meet the demands of cybercrime and terrorism, and also a standardised IT system.
  • An improvement in information sharing across forces

To read the full consultation response please click on the following link HASC Policing for the Future response