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Northumbria PCC’s response to the Women and Equalities Committee inquiry into the sexual harassment of women and girls in public places

15th March 2018


Overview: Following the emergence of widespread allegations in the UK and US about sexual assault and harassment across a wide range of sectors, the Women and Equalities inquired into sexual harassment to gain a better understanding. The Committee is interested in how age, ethnicity, sexuality and other characteristics affect women’s experiences.

Summary: The PCCs response to this consultation raised a number of issues, including:

  • The impact of sexual harassment on victims and its links with gender inequality and other forms of violence against women.
  • The lack of specific legislation about sexual harassment which can be utilised by police.
  • The need for a discussion and plan about how to effectively prevent sexual harassment and ensure women feel safe in public spaces, as is their right.
  • The links between harmful attitudes about women and girls held by men and boys, and the link to sexual harassment.


The evidence obtained is now published on the Women and Equalities Committee website.