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Northumbria Police and PCC back Peace One Day Campaign

21st September 2015

Northumbria Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner are backing a global campaign to help raise awareness of domestic violence and abuse – Peace One Day.

Taking place today, (Monday, 21, September), Peace One Day is an annual international initiative introduced by the United Nations to champion global unity and non-violence.

The force and Commissioner Vera Baird are putting their support behind the day and using it to highlight the issue of domestic abuse and the work being carried out to tackle it in the Northumbria area.

Ms Baird, who features tackling domestic and sexual abuse as a key objective of her Police and Crime Plan, said: “Peace One Day is a great opportunity for us to raise awareness of domestic abuse – a subject which people are all too often afraid to discuss.

“It’s so important that people realise that domestic abuse can take shape in all manner of ways. Victims can be men, women, straight, gay, spouses and siblings. It’s not only about black eyes but also about coercive control too, which can be terribly undermining and incredibly hard to spot. It’s things like stalking, texting the victim every five minutes and discouraging them from seeing friends and family, telling them they’re ugly or an awful cook.

“To help the police spot the signs, we’ve been running schemes whereby officers are accompanied by specialist workers when they visit homes where abuse is suspected. We’ve also eveloped a draft workplace employers’ policy on domestic abuse, helping organisations send out clear signs that they will help any employee who is suffering and that they have practical steps in place to support them.

“As friends, family, employers, we all have a role to play if we know someone suffering and it’s important that everyone does their bit to to help put a stop to what is a terrible crime, not just today but always.”

Detective Chief Inspector Deborah Alderson from Northumbria Police heads up the force’s Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy (VAWGS). She said: “The key message from me is to let people know there is help out there for them – no-one should suffer in silence.

“To mark the day, the force has signed up to the Reducing Domestic Abuse Coalition. Tackling domestic abuse in all its forms is a priority for Northumbria Police,  not just today but everyday. We encourage victims to come forward and I can reassure them their reports will always be taken seriously.

“We have dedicated teams of officers who work specifically on this issue, often alongside partner agencies who can also provide independent specialist advice and support to those who suffer from domestic violence and related crimes.

“Victims can be assured we’re committed to providing empathetic and appropriate advice to end the cycle of abuse.  Help is here, please get in touch.”

People can contact police on 101, extension 69191.

Further advice and independent helpline numbers can also be found on the Northumbria Police website,

For more information about Peace One Day, please visit:

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