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PCC Vera Baird gives evidence at Restorative Justice inquiry

19th April 2016

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Vera Baird, has today (Tuesday 19, April) given evidence at the Justice Select Committee’s first inquiry into the use of Restorative Justice in the criminal justice system.

The Committee came together to examine the effectiveness of Restorative Justice and how it is delivered.

Northumbria and its independent victim referral service Victims First Northumbria, set up by Commissioner Baird in April 2015, is regularly cited as a model through which Restorative Justice can be used as part of a victim’s recovery journey.

Restorative Justice is a process that brings together victims and offenders, enabling everyone affected by a particular incident to play a part in repairing the harm and finding a positive way forward.

Ministry of Justice (MoJ) research has found that 85% of victims that have participated in Restorative Justice are satisfied with their experience.

It also found the process was associated with an estimated 10- 14% reduction in the frequency of re-offending.

Commissioner Baird attended the inquiry as chair of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners’ Standing Group on Supporting Victims and Reducing Harm. She said: “Providing Restorative Justice services is a fairly new responsibility for PCCs and although it’s not a new concept it will take time to fully evolve so it’s fantastic that we’re making such good progress here in Northumbria.

“Research shows that when Restorative Justice is planned around the victim’s wishes, it helps them move on with their lives, and can reduce crime by getting offenders to appreciate the impact of their actions on others.

“The Government’s commitment to a vision of Restorative Justice for victims at all stages of the Criminal Justice System is hugely welcome and sets a challenge to the whole Restorative Justice field to ensure that this expansion is matched by a growth in the quality of restorative services.”

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