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PCC Vera Baird QC response – Home Secretary will not allow public inquiry – Orgreave

31st October 2016

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner and Chair of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, Vera Baird QC, said: “This is a bitterly disappointing day for the Orgreave Miners, their families and it’s a travesty of justice.  I represented a number of miners in court following events at Orgreave, I saw first-hand how families were crushed and still, thirty years on, the wounds have not healed. The passage of time does not mean that these families do not deserve answers.

“Amber Rudd’s decision in effect is saying the truth does not matter – the fact that senior officers involved in Hillsborough were also involved in a review of evidence after Orgreave and the fact there are policing operational similarities to both events does not matter to her. Well it matters to me and it matters to the miners I represented.

“The Home Secretary’s decision is wrong. Today, she has let down miners, let down their families and she has turned her back on Justice.  Mrs Rudd’s action leave a lot to be desired and are reflective of this government’s stance on defending the indefensible”.