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PCC Vera Baird says cyber dog initiative will be ‘watched with interest by Northumbria’

18th September 2017

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Dame Vera Baird QC, has praised a new initiative where sniffer dogs  have been trained by Devon & Cornwall and Dorset police to help catch paedophiles, terrorists and fraudsters by detecting hidden digital storage devices.

These ‘cyber dogs’  are the first to be unveiled in the UK and have already been used at crime scenes across the country.

Sniffing out hidden data devices such as USB sticks, SD cards and hard drives are just some of the ways in which the dogs have been helping officers.

Dame Vera said: “We have a highly skilled and trained dogs section at Northumbria Police and I’m sure the introduction of ‘cyber dogs’ elsewhere will be watched closely with great interest.

“I think dogs can play a fantastic part in catching all sorts of offenders and exploring new ways that can help put those responsible for appalling crimes behind bars gets my backing.”