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Prison system in a “bleak state” says report

7th December 2016

Northumbria’s Police & Crime Commissioner, Vera Baird QC, has today commented on what is said about HMP Northumberland in the latest edition of the Prison Reform Trust’s Bromley Briefings Prison Factfile, which has analysed the prison population and performance.   HMP Northumberland has been judged “of concerns”, this follows reports of concerns over its suicide rate and drug use amongst inmates.

Vera Baird QC said “For too long the government has left our prisons to fester.  The problems at HMP Northumberland are not unique to our region, that is why we need a programme of change to provide early intervention and support.  Better mental health provision for prisoners is needed – the government keep making the right noises in these areas but deliver very little”.

Commissioner Baird added “I hope that the government will use this further evidence that it needs to get its act together get proper intervention to support prisoners in place and take a tough stance on those inmates who are using drugs”.