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Resolve to continue pressure on drink and drug drivers

25th July 2014

Northumbria Police’s Commissioner and Chief Constable have spoken of their great concern following newly published figures showing people are still risking lives through drink or drug driving.

But they have promised that they will continue to keep the pressure on anyone using the region’s roads and putting lives at risk through Northumbria Police’s Operation Dragoon.

National figures for the month-long summer drink and drug campaign show that despite an extensive campaign during the World Cup people simply have not listened.

“These figures are disappointing given the intensive campaign held over the World Cup,” said Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird.

“There simply is no excuse for drink or drug driving and it’s unbelievable that people put their lives and other innocent lives at risk.

“Their reckless actions bring pain and heartache to families and communities which last a lifetime and destroys the future of not only those whose lives are lost but also the people who take these actions.”

Chief Constable Sue Sim said: “Drink or drug driving costs lives, it can have devastating consequences and long-term repercussions. Even a small amount of alcohol can have a serious effect on your driving ability.

“We treat drink and drug driving as a serious matter and any motorist stopped at any time by a police officer in their day-to-day policing could be required to provide a specimen of breath or take a drug test.

“Operation Dragoon is currently running and is aimed at making the roads safer for everyone. We will not stand by and allow dangerous drivers to put people’s lives at risk.”

Nationally just under 1,000 of the failed tests involved under 25s.

The Commissioner continued: “People must take responsibility for their actions and be fit enough to drive if they get behind the wheel.”

She praised Northumbria’s recently launched Operation Dragoon, aimed at every road user, from drivers of any vehicles or motorbikes, to cyclists and pedestrians, raising awareness of road safety across all ages.

“This campaign is all about getting the message out to all road users that their actions matter and ultimately could be a matter of life and death.

“I know the Chief Constable is passionate about this operation and has made it a key issue for the force.”