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Commissioner’s Response – HMIC Inspection – Making the Connections A thematic inspection of police force compliance with the Memorandum of Understanding between the National Ballistics Intelligence Service and Police Forces

15th August 2013

Response to the national report published June 2013 in which Northumbria Police were one of ten forces inspected.  Forces inspected were chose to represent a range of forces sizes, rural and urban environments, rates of gun crime and levels of engagement.

Whilst the inspection did not make specific referrals to any one force inspected it outlined the monitoring and governance that is necessary to ensure that the force are compliant with the memorandum of understanding, highlighting the importance of connectivity between police force and other agencies in sharing this data to combat the criminal use  of firearms..

My scrutiny regime includes attendance at the Strategic Management Board for Northumbria Police and fortnightly management meetings with the Chief Constable and her team.These meetings enable me to seek reassurance that the practices of Northumbria Police are compliant with the memorandum of understanding and that there are effective governance and management structures in place.