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Super partnership provides cash boost for Northumberland youth scheme

9th December 2015



A new special partnership between Northumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner and the High Sheriff of Northumberland means that special awards will be available to organisations that help keep the County free from crime.

The Commissioner’s Community Fund and the High Sheriff of Northumberland Youth Against Crime Scheme at the Community Foundation are coming together in a special partnership that will make additional awards at the High Sheriff of Northumberland Awards ceremony in February. Awards of £1,000 from the special partnership will be announced for groups that engage with young people in the towns and countryside across Northumberland.

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Vera Baird, said:

“High Sheriff Lucy Carroll and I met to discuss the work we do through our respective funds and found that we share great admiration for small local organisations, sometimes off the beaten track who work with young people and help them to do positive and enjoyable activities.

“We decided to pool resources to target more cash at groups that with a boost to their funds can make even more of a difference. There are some fantastic projects going on in Northumberland If you are doing your bit to help keep youngsters on track – this funding opportunity is not to be missed.”

During 2014-15, a total of £37,400 was awarded to voluntary groups in the Northumberland in recognition of community groups who encourage useful and beneficial pursuits for young people who may be otherwise at risk. A top award of £2,000 was presented to Choysez, and this year special awards through a partnership with the Police and Crime Commissioner and the High Sheriff of Northumberland will mean that eight groups can benefit from special district prizes which recognise inspirational groups in North Northumberland, Mid Northumberland, West Northumberland and South East Northumberland.

High Sheriff of Northumberland, Lucy Carroll, said:

“The High Sheriff of Northumberland Fund at the Community Foundation recognises and rewards local organisations, which support children and young people in a safe and secure environment to develop confidence, build skills, find fun and friendship, and learn to be part of a community.

“By joining forces with Vera we will together be able to announce additional awards in 2016 we hope to make a bigger impact and would encourage youth organisations to make an application to the Fund via the Community Foundation website. I would also like to thank all of our other donors and funders who have helped to boost our prize funds this year.”

Adam Lopardo, Director of Partnerships at the Community Foundation said:

“Building on the partnerships that this fund has created with regional funders such as the Sir James Knott Trust, the Barbour Foundation and a whole host of other funders, it is brilliant to see The Commissioner and Northumbria Police support our Youth Against Crime Awards.

“This scheme helps support projects such as Choysez, our top award winner in 2015, who work with young people who have been excluded or are at risk of exclusion from school. Through alternative education they are able to help young people to overcome obstacles in their lives and gain qualifications or start to think about their future. This is a very powerful thing and through this new “super-partnership” we can better recognise the efforts of young people in our region.”

Applications must be made to the High Sheriff of Northumberland Fund at the Community Foundation by Wednesday 16 February 2016. The super partnership awards is open to charities, voluntary and community groups which work with young people in beneficial pursuits.

The deadline for applications to the super partnership via the High Sheriff of Northumberland Fund is Wednesday 16 December 2016.

To apply to the High Sheriff of Northumberland Fund and nominate yourself for a Super Partnership District Awards of £1,000 please visit