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Tackling burglary continues to be top priority in Newcastle and Gateshead, says PCC Vera Baird QC

6th September 2016

Police are committed to cutting the numbers of burglaries in Newcastle and Gateshead and working with our communities to help keep them safe

Earlier this year a burglary operation was launched aimed at getting burglars off our streets and protecting peoples’ homes.

Thanks to the hard work of detectives, 24/7 response and neighbourhood officers 52 people (45 male and 7 female) have been arrested in connection with burglaries in the two areas during August.

Of these 52:

17 have been charged with offences and will be appearing at court to face action.

26  have been bailed pending further enquiries.

8  have been released with no further action.

1 person was given police caution

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Vera Baird QC, said: “I have ensured that Northumbria Police has been proactive in tackling burglary and know the Chief Constable shares my determination in treating this issue as a top priority. Our officers have been working closely with the local residents and partners to help prevent these crimes and catch those responsible. I hope these results demonstrate loud and clear that Northumbria Police is taking a strong stance against criminals who commit burglary and they will be brought to justice. I urge local residents to take the advice on board and report anything suspicious so that police can investigate and take firm action.”

Newcastle and Gateshead Superintendent Steve Ammari said: “Summer has been a busy period for the burglary teams here in Newcastle and Gateshead and we’ve had some great results in terms of key arrests, charges and seeing some really prolific and dangerous burglars put behind bars.

“We won’t let up though. We will remain relentless and will continue to make life as difficult as possible for those who think it’s acceptable to break into peoples’ homes.

“Help us by making sure your house is always as secure as possible. Windows, doors, patios, garages are all ways into a home for a burglar. Make sure yours are locked and secure and help keep them out of your house. Report anyone suspicious hanging around to us straight away and lets work together to keep Newcastle and Gateshead safe.”