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The Commissioner’s Response to HMIC’s Report on Keeping Children Safe

2nd July 2015

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria, Vera Baird, responding to the publication of HMIC’s Report in harm’s way: the role of the police in keeping children safe. She said:

“Keeping children safe is one of our major priorities in Northumbria, we will always investigate all allegations – Operations such as Sanctuary show that we will do all we can to protect young people.

“However, this is a growing problem and the investigative and research undertaken by officers in this area is very specialist and we need a commitment from the government that they will fund the extra resources needed and this in turn will ensure that the concerns raised by HMIC nationally are addressed.

“Here in Northumbria we will continue to work with partners to ensure effective ‘joined up’ work and to collaborate with school safeguarding leaders. Police officers have received CSE training to recognise signs of abuse to support victims and the force is also working hard to prevent young people becoming victims of CSE. As Police and Crime Commissioner I will continue to scrutinize the Chief Constable and his force in delivering for victims of this crime.”