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Vera Baird QC announces police recruitment campaign

31st August 2016

Northumbria Police is launching its biggest recruitment campaign in nearly a decade – giving the public the chance to ‘be the difference’.

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Vera Baird QC and Chief Constable Steve Ashman are paving the way for more than 600 recruits to join the force over the next three years so they can deliver the best possible service to the North East.

Northumbria is the sixth biggest force in the country and serves more than 1.5 million people across both urban and rural communities.

There are 200 different roles open to officers at the Force including work on patrol, on our roads and in some of our more specialist roles like dog handling, or working with police horses . There will also be a number of opportunities for new police staff and police volunteers.

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Vera Baird QC, said: “Now is a fantastic time to join Northumbria Police – the force is full of ambition to be the very best it can be and it’s important that we find talent from all backgrounds to help bring these ambitions to life and become even stronger.

“Crime has changed over the years and our officers demonstrate a range of skills, specialisms and experience in areas ranging from our much valued neighbourhood policing teams to the newer, fast-developing cyber-crime unit.

“There really are more opportunities than ever before. I look forward to welcoming new recruits who will bring yet more talent and diversity to our excellent police force and help deliver the best possible policing service that the people of Northumbria expect and deserve.”

Chief Constable Ashman said this wave of recruitment was one of the most significant campaigns in the recent history of Northumbria Police.

He said: “Deciding to become a police officer is a great career choice. It is a unique job which allows recruits the opportunity to serve our local communities and really make a difference to people’s lives. It is a career which provides fantastic options which means you can later specialise and choose to become a detective, work in motor patrols or become a firearms officer.

“Northumbria Police are rightly proud to be one of the best forces in the country and we are looking to recruit talented people from all backgrounds to be the difference in our communities.”

PC Mohammed Khan has been a police officer for 13 years and has encouraged others thinking of joining the police to apply to Northumbria.

He was a teenager working in the catering industry before he applied to the police and said joining the Force has given him more opportunities than he could ever have dreamed of.

PC Khan said: “When I applied to be a police officer I was 19-years-old and I was ready to grow up in all honesty.

“It was exactly what I needed at the time and becoming a police officer was the best decision I ever made.

“You can get so much satisfaction from something as simple as returning somebody’s mobile phone or goods that were stolen during a burglary.

“And I’m a person who was unsure of what my future looked like as a teenager fresh out of school.

“Through this job I had the opportunity to further my education and have recently achieved a Masters degree qualification. I would not have been able to do that if I hadn’t joined the police.

“That is just my story but there is so much more you can achieve if you join the police and I am excited to be a part of that.

“This job has always kept me on my toes – it has good benefits, it offers great career opportunities and it is really rewarding. It’s your chance to really be the difference.”

The force will be holding pop-up events across the Northumbria Police force area where potential recruits will be given the chance to find out more information and ask questions about the careers that it offers.

From the applications submitted successful candidates will be enrolled into Northumbria’s training school in Newcastle before starting their two year probationary period.

To find out more information about the different roles you can apply for in the police visit