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Key Decisions: 2014

PCC.120.2014 – SPS Charges for Uniformed Police Officers 2015

PCC.119.2014 – Contract for Repairs & Maintenance

PCC.118.2014 – Sale of Former Police House56 The Pastures Morpeth

PCC.117.2014 – Cease 24

PCC.116.2014 – Disposal of Marine Unit Premises Viking Park Jarrow

PCC.115.2014 – Disposal of Police House 2 Grange Road, Stamfordham

PCC.114.2014 – Sale of Former Police House, Burswell Villas Hexham

PCC.113.2014 – Co Location of Police Staff in Sunderland and Disposal of Gillbridge and Farringdon Stations

PCC.112.2014 – Charitable Donation of Surplus Dog Van

PCC.111.2014 – Chopwell Fire Station

PCC.110.2014 – Hurst Villas, Bedlington

PCC.109.2014 – 91 Bosworth Gardens

PCC.108.2014 – ICCS Tender Update

PCC.107.2014 – Network Refresh

PCC.106.2014 – Colocation of Police within Hebburn Fire Station and Disposal of Hebburn Police Station

PCC.105.2014 – Seahouses Fire Station

PCC.104.2014 – Disposal of 113 Broom Lane Whickham


PCC.102.2014 – Creation of Neighbourhood Base at Manor Walks Shopping Centre, Cramlington

PCC.101.2014 – Co-location of Neighbourhood Staff in Haltwhistle Fire Station

PCC.100.2014 – Creation of Neighbourhood Base at Cheviot Centre Wooler

PCC.99.2014 – Community Remedy Key Decision

PCC.98.2014 – Lease Renewal Newcastle Airport Special Branch

PCC.97.2014 – PSU Carriers

PCC.96.2014 – Creation of Neighbourhood Base at Arms Evertyne House, Blyth and Disposal of Blyth Police Station

PCC.95.2014 – NHS Mental Health Licences

PCC.94.2014 – Turning Point Licenses

PCC.93.2014 – Governance Framework

PCC.92.2014 – Disposal of Mast Sites

PCC.91.2014 – Co Location of Police Neighbourhood Staff within Ponteland Fire Station

PCC.90.2014 – Strategic Fleet Review 2014 – 2017

PCC.89.2014 – Street to Strategic Procurement of Mobile Devices and Product Licenses

PCC.88.2014 – Custody Healthcare

PCC.87.2014 – Contract for Waste Management Services

PCC.86.2014 – Lease Renewal Beacon Centre

PCC.85.2014 – Alterations to Southwick Custody Suite Tender


PCC.83.2014 – License for Installation and Operation of Radio related Equipment at Forth Banks

PCC.82.2014 – Gillbridge External Works

PCC.81.2014 – Approval for the Replacement of the Integrated Communications Control

PCC.80.2014 – Approval of the Information Management Strand of the Street to Strategic

PCC.79.2014 – Approval of Street to Strategic Programme

PCC.78.2014 – Approval for Disposals of Police Property Fund 2013-14

PCC.77.2014 – Regioanl Communication Data Solution (GSA)

PCC.76.2014 – Treasury Policy Statement and strategy for 2014-15 to 2016-17

PCC.75.2014 – Airwave Refresh

PCC.74.2014 – Custody Healthcare Provision

PCC.73.2014 – Sale of 3 Victoria Road Wooler

PCC.72.2014 – Sale of 90 Hareside Cramlington

PCC.71.2014 – Sale of Jarrow Police Station

PCC.70.2014 – Medium Term Financial Strategy 2014-15 – 2016-17

PCC.69.2014 – Property Repairs & Maintenance

PCC.68.2014 – Approval for the Council tax and Capital Budgetsfor 2014-15

PCC.67.2014 – Regional Communication Data Solution

PCC.64.2014 – Modernisation and Mobilisation Strands, of the Street to Strategic Programme

PCC.63.2014 – NBW Licence at Deadwater Fell Mast

PCC.62.2014 – Sale of Former Police House, 3 Newcastle Road, Birtley

PCC.61.2014 – Special Police Services – Charges for Uniformed Police Officers and Police Staff