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Key Decisions: 2013

PCC.60.2013 – Creation of Neighbourhood Base at White Swan Centre and Disposal of Forrest Hall Police Station

PCC.59.2013-Creation of a Neighbourhood Base at Bellingham Fire Station and Disposal of Bellingham Police Station





PCC.54.2013 – Revenue Monitoring Q1 Report 2013-14

PCC.53.2013 – Capital Monitoring Q1 Report 2013-14


PCC.51.2013 – Audit charter

PCC.50.2013 – Extension of Property Repairs & Maint Contract. 12.9.13

PCC.49.2013 – Sale of 1 and 2 Police Houses Alnwick 03.09.13

PCC.48.2013 – Occ Health Acquisition of Lease

PCC.47.2013 – Disposal of Blanchland Police House

PCC.46.2013 – Follingsby External Training Area – Appointment of Contractor

PCC.45.2013 – Disposal of 3 Victoria Road Wooler

PCC.44.2013 – Capital Monitoring Q4 Report 2012-13 Final

PCC.43.2013 – Revenue Outturn Report 12’13 v1

PCC.42.2013 – Sale of 30 North Road Berwick 8.8.13

PCC.41.2013 – Sale of Acomb Police House

PCC.40.2013 – Sale of 26 Creslow

PCC.39.2013 – Sale of Longhoughton Police House

PCC.38.2013 – Sale of 35 Brighton Grove

PCC.37.2013 – EE_H3G Licence at Beacon Lough Mast 13.6.13

PCC.36.2013 – 3 Newcastle Road Birtley Approval to Dispose June 13

PCC.35.2013 – Disposal of Lease of 13-14 Tavistock Place, Sunderland

PCC.34.2013 – Alnwick Police Houses Approval to Dispose PCC.34.2013 – Alnwick Police Houses Approval to Dispose

PCC.33.2013 – Jarrow Police Station Approval to Dispose May 13

PCC.32.2013 – 35 Brighton Grove Approval to Dispose May 13

PCC.31.2013 – Longhoughton Police House Approval to Dispose May 13

PCC.30.2013 – Gillbridge Approval for Licence to SCC May 13(V2)

PCC.27.2013 – Governance Arrangements Delegations to Officers – Financial and Contract Regulations

PCC.26.2013 – Installation of Radio Related Equipment at the Northumbria Police Operations and Tactical Training Centre

PCC.24.2013 – Former Wallsend Police Station, Alexandra Road, Wallsend

PCC.23.2013 – Installation of Additional Radio Equipment Beacon Lough Mast, Gateshead

PCC.22.2013 – National Police Air Service Collaboration agreement

PCC.21.2013 – Treasury Policy Statement and Strategy for 2013-14 to 2015-16

PCC.20.2013 – Public safety radio communications service – novation to Home Office – abolition of NPIA

PCC.19.2013 – Former Newbiggin-by-the-Sea police station, Northumberland

PCC.16.2013 Police staff appeals

PCC.15.2013 Proposed acquisition of a lease of a room in Sainsbury’s store at Team Valley, Gateshead

PCC.14.2013 Sale of surplus property – 30 North Road, Berwick upon Tweed

PCC.13.2013 Independent Custody Visiting Association membership subscription 2013-14

PCC.12.2013 – Revenue and Capital Budgets and Council tax 2013-14

PCC.11.2013 Approval of the Medium Term Financial Strategy 2013-2014 to 2015 -2016

PCC.10.2013 1 The Police House, Aydon Gardens, Corbridge

PCC.09.2013 Police house – non secure fixed term tenancy

PCC.08.2013 – Alnwick Police Station

PCC.07.2013 Approval for continuation of the 2012-13 Internal Audit Plan

PCC.06.2013 – Appendix C PCC Budget

PCC.06.2013 – Appendix B Force Budget

PCC.06.2013 – Revenue Monitoring Report 2012-13 Quarter 3

PCC.05.2013 – Capital Monitoring Report 2012-13 Quarter 3

PCC.04.2013 ICVA change of status to company limited by guarantee

PCC.03.2013 Sale of Property 18 Glamis Hill, Berwick

PCC.02.2013 Reinstatement of Police Widow’s Pension – Mrs S

PCC.01.2013 Mounted section – options for continuation of services on expiry of current contract